Events Nova Scotia Brand Refresh
Published: December / 02 / 2019

"Events are times when something special happens. Nova Scotia brings out the most in them. Nowhere else contributes to times like we do. No one knows how to host a good time like we do."

The new Events Nova Scotia brand is all about creating inspired times. Telling our story and positioning ourselves as an event leader is a key pillar of the Nova Scotia Event Strategy. By aligning our visual identity more closely with government and Tourism Nova Scotia, we make it clear that events are a priority for Nova Scotia.

We wanted the brand to instill confidence in our province as event hosts. We know we have a good record of hosting major events and our brand should reflect that. When you choose to organize or host an event in Nova Scotia, you can be confident that you’ll experience the good energy needed to make great things happen.

In the coming months, we will be looking to execute the brand through a variety of platforms, ensuring any photography and video elements align with the new brand. We are proud to unveil our new website that will soon provide our partners with access to brand elements, funding applications and a guide to event hosting.

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