Sport Tourism Canada Releases COVID-19 Recovery Task Force Report
Published: October / 28 / 2020

The 24-member Sport Tourism Canada COVID-19 Recovery Task Force has completed its Bouncing Back report. Working together since mid-May of 2020, the group has created an outline for the return of hosting sport events in the country.

Chaired by Grant MacDonald, STC’s Head of Consulting, the members were drawn from all areas of the sport tourism industry, including our own Neal Alderson. They represented national/multi-sport organizations, professional sport, host cities, destination marketing organizations, host venues and industry suppliers. Their work was segmented into four major areas of responsibility: funding, policy, research and strategy.

Bouncing Back sees a sport tourism industry that can be reimagined to withstand the recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and will ultimately adapt and thrive in bidding and hosting sport events well beyond the pandemic. It will require a nimbler industry, ready to pivot as knowledge evolves and risk mitigation measures are developed, available and applied.

With different travel and public health measures in effect across the country, an ‘adaptive recovery’ approach will be required. It will not be a ‘one size fits all’ program, due to the need for individual provinces and municipalities to assess their own current position throughout the recovery.

Read more about the report here.

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